Rebels Elite SF Coaching Staff

We offer a variety of tumbling lessons from One-on-One, 2:1, Groups and team lessons. Our staff will work with your athlete to develop a positive and fun leanring environment in which your athlete can grow their skills and confidence. We offer 30,45 and 60 Minute One-On-Ones in which we will grow the skill through drills, but also body awarness and control to have the confidence you need to perform your skills! 


Coach Lain

PPT Sessions are 60-minute, one-on-one or two-on-one sessions with Coach Lain. During this time, your athlete will receive hyper-focused attention, skill-specific guidance, and personalized, actionable advice on how they can not only improve their physical skill and strengthen their mental performance. 

Sessions include skill review using slow motion breakdowns, written conditioning & drill prescriptions, and video references based on your athlete's SPECIFIC issue they need to focus on.