GSSA-San Mateo Challenge Recap!

Ryan Brown

November 23, 2021


GSSA San Mateo-Challenge

            What a weekend! I am still trying to encapsulate the whole weekend. It warmed my heart seeing our parents stand proud and excited, chanting our team and gym name! It was thrilling to see our athletes running around in circles, doing TikTok dances, and just hanging out being themselves. The 21 month wait was WELL worth it. 

            Parents and Families, I can not thank you enough for trusting this process and trusting me and the staff to continue the amazing space and family that is Rebels Elite! We have been through many changes, but I believe, they were all meant to be and will all be worth it! As we finish ONE competition, we are already gearing up for our next one; JAMZ-Slam City (Dec 4th, 2021). This even will ALSO BE AT THE SAN MATEO COUNTY EVENT CENTER! We are finalizing the schedule format ASAP (Note; HS Seniors who may be taking the SATs, please let me know if you might have a conflict?)

            Weekend Recap! 

  • Junior 3; Legacy kicked the weekend off with a flawless performance. This is a new team this season, and we couldn’t be prouder. They hit skills with consistency and ease and started off our gym STRONG! They finished with a STRONG 2nd place and with feedback and a HIT ZERO Routine, we are excited to progress skills and focus on building this team up stronger and stronger!
  • Level 2; Illusion This team came back after a GREAT end of season run last year. But we switched things up and gave the crowd a SOLID 2319 performance and had to finish their performance before the soldiers said “quick, ANDY’S COMING!!!” They also received a HIT ZERO and were in a stacked division, but came home with a close 4th place finish and we have already made great changes for our next comp. 
  • Level 2; Lady Renegade. A YOUNG and wild and free team, We had a chance to do a 3 minute team circle in the back before warm up  to calm the nerves and talk about fear and personal “bests.” Needless to say, it worked!! We ROCKED that performance like a GIRL BOSS should, and while it wasn’t a “hit zero,” we kept our stunts up gave such a great performance…these ladies earned a WILD CARD bid to D2 Summit AND a Partial Paid bid to Regional Summit! 
  • Level 4; Moonlight Now this team has overcome so MUCH and left it all on the floor this past weekend. While this team didn’t have a “perfect” day, they kept all stunts up, got amazing feedback and have already jumped in working on a revamped stunt section. This team is the heartbeat of the gym and so many girls look up to them, and Moonlight giving their iconic clean performance is one I will remember for a while! 

As we jump into our first break, just a reminder: REBELS ELITE will be CLOSED November 23-27th, 2021. ENJOY THE BREAK, but don’t forget your WORKOUTS! Normal classes will RESUME Nov. 28 and we are going back STRONG into COMP week for a JAMZ Dec. 4th Comp at the San Mateo County Event Center. 

            After talking to staff and looking over schedules, we will NOT be having a “Showcase Performance” on Dec. 18. Instead, THAT week, we will be doing team parties during their practice times. STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS!  After our holiday party, REBELS ELITE WILL BE CLOSED DEC. 18-JAN 2, with practices RESUMING January 3rd

            December EVENTS:

  • Allegiance will be attending the FIRST World BIDS qualifier competition, December 10-13. 

            January EVENTS:

  • GSSA; BAKERSFIELD- Jan 14-17 (teams compete 15/16)

**This is a TRAVEL Event for Lady Renegade, Illusion, Legacy, Moonlight and Allegiance**

      Please be sure to book your hotels and transportation mode if you have not done so already! 

  • American Champ/PacWest-San Jose; Jan 22-23
  • **This is NOT A “overnight” requirement, but we do compete TWO DAYS. 

Thank you again for an amazing FIRST comp back and we are truly excited to keep bringing back the Rebel flare and elevating our atheltes and gym more and more!