November 2022

Ryan Brown


November 2, 2022

November Newsletter

            As we jump, stunt and tumble into a new month, it is NON stop adventure that awaits us! Let me first start off by saying how amazing it has been to see our athletes turn on and turn up for their practices and showcases! As we countdown to our first competition, we also have so many other things happening within our program, so PLEASE read this newsletter fully and the attachments. 



            Parents, if you have NOT joined our BAND (Rebels Elite) or your teams BAND, please do so! Once added into program BAND, your teams coach will add you to the team BAND! 



Tshirt Fundraiser

            Earn $5 credit to your account for each shirt sold, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY (Nov. 2)! Submit orders via the google doc below, turn in CASH or charge account (account status MUST be current in order to charge account). 

            ** **


Holiday ProShop!

            We will have orders forms available AT THE GYM starting today and an online “site” built by this weekend. We will be having our Holiday available Nov 2-Nov 14. ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN and MONEY DUE on Nov 14. 


Nfintiy ProShop

            IS OPEN TODAY through Nov 14 @ 11:59pm. Submit orders and pay for items in the portal BELOW! If you NEED shoes, we have an OVERSTOCK at the gym. If you joined our program “later” and DID NOT ORDER your sports Bra/Spanx with Ryan, please see Coach Ryan and Coach gabby IMMEDITALY (we have our program order arriving Nov 17). Practice gear top and bottom are included in your registration payment. LINK BELOW!

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Program Fundraiser for November! 

DoubleGood Popcorn! Help raise funds for your account, teams and programs while enjoying healthy snacks. A PERFECT gift to hand out during the holidays! Each bag sold, returns 50%!!! This Fundraiser STARTS Nov 14 @4:30pm and finishes Nov 18 @4:30pm. 

  1. Download the DOUBLEGOOD APP
  2. Enter Code: CRXRFY
  3. Create and personalize your page

Flavor Fundraiser Page:



Nov 20. Tickets are $50.00 (with 50% of proceeds going directly to your account!) Find Coach Ryan for details! 


Picture day 2022

Full Uniform, natural make up, hair any style. We are still missing some uniform pieces, we have extras at the gym and will be able to do exchanges as well. 

            10am: Youth 1, Senior 1, Mini/Jr. Prep

            11am: Junior 2, Junior 1, Senior 3

            11:45am: Senior Portraits (See attached photo for “dress details”

            12-2:30pm: Solo/Buddy Photos 


            PLEASE be patient as we will do our best to make ALL photos quick and easy, please have athletes ready and ON TIME. If you will not be at the TEAM photos on Saturday, please message your HEAD COACH ASAP. If you will be LATE, also message ASAP. 

If the block is full, we will have additional slots towards the end of the day. 


Branden Hunter 

Clinic (Nov. 5-6)

2:1 Tumbling Sessions (if you want specialized tumbling lesson and specific skills, Brandens 2:1 sessions are a PERFECT START! 

*online booking*

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USASF (DUE Nov. 4)
Junior Prep (Rangers), Youth 1 (Archers), Junior 1 (Mavericks), Junior 2 (Rioters), Senior 1 (Insurgents), Senior 3 (Solders), please register before Nov. 14, 2022, to ensure your athlete is eligible to compete! USASF.NET


Stay tuned to complete our competition waiver forms for IN-PERSON events for the 2022-2023 season. 


Nov. 12 (Comp week “extra” practice”)

SCHEDULE attached


Spirit Week 2022

Nov. 14-17, 2022. Be ready to find old photos and get ready for team dress up days and games! 


Nov. 19 COMP

GSSA Schedule (Block), please see attachment



            You need some extra time with your coach? We have gotten all of our coaches schedules in ON SPOT! 

LINK (for the gym):

*each coach will have a personal link as well* STAY TUNED!!!!


November Closure

Nov. 23-27



- Ryan Brown