Rebels Elite End of Month Update and CLASSES BEGIN TONIGHT

Ryan Brown

Janaury 14, 2022


Hello Rebel Family!

            I hope this newsletter reaches you well! In ADVANCE, I apologize for the length of this as I am trying to make sure I get as much information out to the families as well as have a place of resource to refer to. I want to welcome everyone back after a WILD extended holiday break and please know that our closure from the 3-9th was to ensure our families could keep their household healthy and safe. During the last few weeks, the gym has been “juggling” now 20 “Covid.” I am thankful, however that many of these cases were isolated and were also caught early enough to avoid a high rate of transmission! Thank you for being patient and safe during this uptick in what seems to be, a “late cold season.” Currently with “quarantine” happening with athletes and families, it seems our window of “recovery” is going to be a little longer than expected.

            Navigating the season of cheer and navigating the ever-changing rules and guidelines, I have many a few “program call” to do my best to keep out program safe and healthy


  • GSSA; Rebels Elite PULLED from this comp (January 15-16). Your travel and accommodation should have been cancelled by now, to ensure you get your money refunded. 
  • AC/PacWest (San Jose); This was a call I waited on, but I am also PULLING from this comp
    • With quarantine time being average 5+ days and athletes/Families STILL balancing getting tested and cleared, many of our teams have been operating on minimal athletes all the while trying to stay physically and mentally strong
    • WE ARE NOT DOING ROSEVILLE Feb. 12-13, as a PROGRAM. However, if a SINGLE team has discussed going, we will verify alter. 

Please note, all payments for the following comps, were refunded to the program and will be utilized to fund another comp for the gym to attend. PLEASE STAY TUNED

            Prep: Two comps are “owed”

            Elite (Level 1-4); Two comps are “owed”

            If you are unsure of the status of your account, please CALL ME or TEXT ME!


Class Schedules

            As mentioned with many of our coaches in college/currently coaching another program, the balancing act to make sure we have the coverage was a unique learning experience. Moving forward classes are as followed




Friday (4-5pm); Tumbling conditioning (all ELITE levels are welcome)

Friday (5-7pm); OPEN GYM ($5 Rebels $10 NON-REBELS)




  1. Academy Class; Mitey Movers
  2. Elite Class; Level 1 and 2 (BWO and BHS)


  1. Academy Class; Basics 101 Handstand, Rolls, Bridges, Back Kickovers ages 6-9
  2. Elite Class; Level 1 and 2 (BWO and BHS)
  3. Prep Class; Sprinkles Tumbling


  1. Academy Class: Basics 102 Back Walkovers, Round Off Ages 9-13
  2. Elite Class: Level 2 and 3 (BHS/Tucks) Level 3 and 4 can ALSO attend THIS class
  3. Prep Class; Aura Tumbling


  1. HS 101; ALL skills for Junior High-HS Ages 13-18


  1. OPEN GYM $5


Prep and Elite Uniforms and Bows

            If you have not picked them up yet, please see me. Bows will be charged to your account, if there is a balance on your account, please see me or call me. 

            IF THERE happens to be a sizing issue with your uniform piece (please, TEXT ME your name and CURRENT size a size you THINK you need). I CAN NOT guarantee we can fix this, but we will do our best!


While the change in competition is unfortunate, this does not change our program’s goal and focus to train UP skills and PROGRESS our athletes both physically and mentally. Rebels Elite and its staff will be on hand to assist to the best of the ability to keep our athletes safe and our program thriving.!


For now, this is it! Thank you and as always if you have any questions or concerns, shoot me a call! 



**Showcases will be extra practice/video qualifiers if needed. PLEASE BE AVAILABLE**

Exact times to follow! 

Ryan Brown


[email protected]