Gym RE-OPENING January 10, 2022

Ryan Brown

January 8, 2022

Good Afternoon!

    Hope this email finds you well and wanted to update the gyms' families and athletes on the status of our re-opening process. As you know, Rebels Elite SF was closed for the holiday break and we made the choice to expand our closure time for the week of Jan 3-Jan 9, 2022. The health and safety of our program and its athletes are of the highest priority to me. The first step we did was to replace 65 boards in our spring floor (by hand) and were very lucky to get 5 new full floor mats donated. Our hopes for this, was to prevent any unintentional ankle, knee and/or further shoulder injuries. When we make our way back to the gym, take a few hops on it (help us break it in too). We also locked in the entire floor to itself to prevent any mid-year shifting and our most proud moment, replace the “crack” that went from the main floor into the tunnel. We now officially have 13 panel FULLY interconnected. We also we taped the floor with a proper white border and re-sized and cut our tumble track mat to fit the length of the tumble track (to prevent any tripping), so there won’t be any over-hang as you make your way to the restrooms. Thank you to the athletes and coaches who helped build the floor and install. Also a HUGE SHOUT out for the families and friends who did our fall fundraiser, it helped to cover some costs of the new floor install. My next goal now is to buy new equipment and add to our inventory. 

  During the holiday break, the joys of mother nature blessed us with plenty of rain and 5 leaks in our ceiling. We had enough buckets to catch the overflow of water (and I say that graciously), dude to the fact that parts of my office and the garage door had standing water and our buckets caught 8 inches of water from the roof. I am glad all the plants were watered and we were able to find most of the leaks and get them patched. 

  The start of 2022 would not be complete without the “happening in three’s!” Covid/Sickness decided to grace us and while its no fun to deal with, it did male me realize how lucky we were to “last” this long with a “major” outbreak. Full transparency, our gym and extended families are navigating 16 direct cases of athletes being sick. And in hindsight, that is okay! Our parents have been proactive in communicating, our athletes have been wishing each other “feel better soon” and sending positive thoughts in our group chats and message boards. 

  As of now, I am keeping a hard-line GYM CLOSURE until MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 2022. This will allow sufficient time for any athletes who were sick to rest up and recover and also time for families to decompress and manage back to school, virtual, etc. “issues.” Moving forward, you will notice us maintaining our standard covid protocols as well as instilling “new” methods of sanitation BETWEEN PRACTICES and on water breaks. I will have a finalized list of things, but if you were with us last season, we will be re-instating those starting Monday. 


TUMBLING CLASSES (ELITE AND PREP) are on SUNDAYS (check online for schedule). Due to coaches coaching a HS program or being in college, I be over-seeing tumbling courses and instructions with our staff (including 3 new coaches we hired in November). I will DO MY BEST to accommodate weekend schedules, if I am around to “teach” tumbling during designated times ELITE TEAM STRETCH CLASSES are NO LONGER HAPPENING PREP STRETCH/JUMP class will STILL be at 5pm. 

ACADEMY CLASSES; Those will START on JANUARY 16, 2022 due to our gym closure on the 9th (for health and safety) 

GSSA; BAKERSFIELD is CANCELLED for Rebels Elite SF (please cancel hotel accommodations)

AC/PACWEST; we are SCHEDULED to compete Jan 22-23. Check online for block time updates

NCA; LEVEL 3 and LEVEL 4 WILL COMPETE (as of now) 

February 12-13; 2 day competition in Roseville, CA for ALL ELITE teams (not worlds) 

February 12; FOR PREP (SPRINKLES and AURA)…a ONE DAY competition in Roseville, CA

I will have more information to follow after we get back to the gym. I DO NOT want to GUARANTEE this comp, because I know schedules are set for some families. Message me/call if you have issues/questions. 

Thank you for your time and understanding!