January 2022 Newsletter

Ryan Brown

January 3, 2022

Hello Rebel Family! 

            What a year 2021 was…I am excited with anticipation as we begin to make our way through 2022! I will try to be concise with this email, but when I get in a groove…I keep going! 



            We have decided to hold off on the start of our practice till January 5th, 2022. We have had a MAJOR uptick in secondary and primary “covid-like” cases amongst our athletes and families. So taking a few extra days to reassess your health and awareness will provide a better blanket of safety and reassurance. 

A FEW THINGS when working with an athlete or family that was exposed to “covid-like symptoms”

  1. Notify the TEAM COACH (and Ryan)
  2. Standard protocol if you feel you have been EXPOSED to covid
    1. BE AWARE of your health status and symptoms

i.If symptoms arise and you are able to get Covid tested, please do

  1. Standard “quarantine” suggestion is now 5 days followed by 5 days of NO SYMPTOMS
    1. PLEASE speak with your health card provider to best practice and direction

As a gym, we have been VERY lucky and fortunate to not have any “cross athlete” issues with sickness/covid INSIDE the gym. However, with the holiday and family gatherings, it seems the “Cold” got the best of many of us. But no need to worry, I trust our process and protocol. And I know a few days of being home will provide a longer and wider window for to be together, as a gym. 


Upcoming Competition (ALL information is on our website; WWW.REBELSELITESF.COM) ->COMP 411 and NEWS

  1. GSSA; January 15-16 (ELITE TEAMS ONLY)
  2. AmPac; January 22-23 (PREP and ELITE TEAM, NO WORLDS)
  3. NCA; February 25-27 (Level 3 and 4)
  4. PREP? MAYBE TSN; ROYALE IN SAN JOSE (will take place of Nov. Comp)
  5. USA; March 19-20 (ELITE TEAMS ONLY)
  6. JAMZ; April 3 (ALL TEAMS)


            Regional Summit; Teams WILL NEED A BID to attend

            DI/DII Summit TEAMS WILL NEED A BID to attend

            The Pinnacle ALL TEAMS HAVE QUALIFIED


*The next two weekends in January (and NCA for Level 3 and 4) will provide a better answer if we CHOOSE/ABLE to attend SUMMIT EVENTS

**Full Transparency, based on the current trend, I am “leaning” on focusing on REGIONAL Summit and sending teams to “The Pinnacle” (LAS VEGAS). AGAIN….i won’t provide a call till AFTER JANAURY



            They have arrived!! Please come to the the gym to pick up


            They will arrive January 10, I will be handing them out. I will also be charging your account ($30) if there is a CURRENT ZERO BALANCE, if there is a balance, PLEASE BRING CASH

            Please note that due to the cost of materials and production, bow price did increase, however I PROMISE “ultimate bows” delivered with an AMAZING BOW!!


If your athlete had any FALL 2021 awards given, please message me!

  1. Honor Roll, Sports award, Service Award, etc. 


Thankfully, I feel like that is IT for now….please view the schedule ONLINE and DON’t FORGET we also have “Academy Classes” and Elite tumbling classes on Sunday, as well Elite class on Friday!