What is Rebels Elite Cheer?
Rebels Elite SF is a competitive cheer program that offers Recreational tumbling as well as competitive teams. We are located in South San Francisco. We also host Open gyms for young athletes and adults! 


What is "Elite" Cheer and "Prep" Cheer?
Elite cheer is an aspect of cheerleading that focuses on the technical and competitiveness of the sport. This team typically trains year round and competes locally and nationally. Prep Cheer is a full year or half year program that is for the athlete who loves to work out, but may not be ready for the full experience of competitive cheer. 


What is the difference between "Limited Travel Teams" and "Travel Teams?
NEW this year! We understand the financial strain putting your athlete in cheer may cause and we want to make sure we have something that fits the budget and your expectations! Limited travel teams, while still VEY competitive, will not go to as many out of town events. Typically, two travel events. Our Travel teams are currently planned to attend for travel events. 


For Evaluations on May 21, 2022....what time should my athlete attend?
This year, we are focused on the needs of your athlete while ensuring our teams stay competitive. If you are a CURRENT Rebel Elite athlete, attend the time slot of your AGE or SKILL (i.e. Currently a level 1 athlete and 9 years old; you would attend the 11am slot). if you are a current Level 2 athlete, attend the 2pm slot. IF you are NEW to Rebels, we encourage you to attend the time slot that BEST fits your needs (but would base it on age). if you have CURRENT cheer experience (level 2 or higher), please attend the noted time slot for that level. 


Why the dress code?
The BEST part about cheer is about standing out. For evaluations, we want every athlete to get the chance to let the skills speak for themselves. We are doing a "simple" look (with a FUN bow or scrunchie of your choice), so that our staff can get to know the athlete and the athletes can get to know each other. 

Do i need to have my paperwork done before Evaluations?
Yes! Just like anything in life, the better prepared you are, the great chance of success of you (however you define it). Having the paperwork complete and up to date, will allow you to spend more time meeting new friends and warming up skills, instead of rushing to write in sections of your evaluation packet. 

Why are there so many skills listed? Am i expected to know them all?
Cheer is forever evolving and there is not exact formula to win...BUT, there is a formula to success. We believe that the well-rounded program and team, has a variation of skills and attributes, so that routine and can be more exciting. While it would be great for everyone to know every skill...by NO means, do we expect you to come with it all! Oor goal is to leverage your current skill set, and develop new ones so that your unique puzzle piece fits in with what the team needs! Rebels Elite SF. Building Champions! 


Where will my athlete be placed, after evaluations?
NEW this season, we are focused LESS on Team placement and will develop the SKILL of the athlete. While we know everyone has their dream team...our goal is to make the DREAM athlete! Our summer practices will be about placing athlete in appropriate SKILL level practices (with the option for them to come to ANY other practice INCLUDED in their tuition). We will of course, recommend practice that BEST suit the athletes need, but between June-August ALL athletes will be training to get stronger and more confident with FINAL team placements happening in August


With contract signing happening in May...am i obligated for a full year?
Initial payments are placed on your account to cover summer training and clinics. If by chance, something happens PRIOR to Choreography, we will be more than happy to discuss options!